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Mother of Pearl Shell

Alfarid Corporation specializes in supplying premium quality MOP shells pieces in different grades such as raw white lip shells and silver grey lip mop seashells. i.e., Mother of Pearl Shells from the Socotra Island, an Island in the Republic of Yemen. MOP shells (Latin or Botanical name: Pteria Margaritifera Concha), also commonly called nacre are the natural material iridescent with a shimmering inner silver white lining. The inner lining of MOP shells are pearly on the inside layer that gives a crystalline effect which emits different multi-color shades like prism.


Mother of Pearl shells are commonly named in different languages as perlemor in Danish, perelmoer in Dutch, nacre in French, perlmutt in German, madreperla in Italian, madreperola in Portugese, parlemor in Swedish, nacar in Spanish, umm alelulu/alelu in Arabic and Sadaf in the local market Pakistan and Yemen.
Alfarid Corporation carefully selects mother of pearl shell and segregate as large, medium and small pieces based on diameter and sizes. After selection shells are also divided as whole pieces, semi-broken and broken pieces.
MOP shells are carved to produce jewelry, craft supplies, precious ornaments such as rings, necklace, buttons, cufflink, pendants, earnings, watches, belts etc. Further, these shells are used as carved pieces & motifs in furniture and interior designing of exclusive spaces. Another usage is in titles and mosaic. To buy Mother of Pearl Shells MOP, you can write to Read more on MOP Shell

mother of pearl shell

  MOP Shells - Large

Mother of Pearl Shells One by One Hand Selected 7 Grey Lip Large Whole Pieces Pteria Margaritifera
Concha (Nacre)

mop shells

  MOP Shells - Medium

MOP - Mother of Pearl Shells Grey Lip Medium Hand Selected Whole Pieces Pteria Margaritifera
Concha (Nacre)

sea shells

  MOP Shells - Small

MOP - Mother of Pearl Shells Grey Lip Small Hand Selected Whole Pieces Pteria Margaritifera
Concha (Nacre)

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