Mother of Pearl Shells

Natural Mother of Pearl seashells are drawn from deep under the sea in Socotra Island in Yemen. Latin or Botanical name is Pteria Margaritifera Concha. Common names are perelmoer, nacre, perlmutt, madreperla, madreperola, parlemor, nacar, umm alelulu/alelu and Sadaf.

The different grades are white lip and silver grey lip shells. Large, medium and small sized shells are available. Broken shells, powder, cut sift are few more varieties. The shells have a natural iridescent inner lining. This lining is pearly on the inside layer that gives a crystalline effect which emits different multi-color shades like prism.

MOP shells are carved to produce jewelry, craft supplies, precious ornaments such as rings, necklace, buttons, cufflink, pendants, earnings, watches, belts etc. Further, these shells are used as carved pieces & motifs in furniture and interior designing of exclusive spaces. Another usage is tiles and mosaic.

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